Old Mutt Hutt - 501(c)(3) Organization


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Our Year in Review:

What a year 2018 was!  And here the results from the support you each have provided:

  • Pinto, our teeny-tiny Chihuahua, who, though in fairly fragile health (he takes seven meds morning and evening), is perpetually happy, cuddles with every person and dog he encounters, and is the rare boy who actually seems to enjoy getting dressed up in the various sweaters and hoodies that keep his body temperature constant (a bit of a challenge because of a bad heart).

  • Molly, our almost-17-year-old beagle, loves kisses on her nose, covers at least three miles a day (on her daily walk and patrolling the perimeter), and surprised us by stealing a stuffed penguin ornament off the Christmas tree, tossing it into the air, and then pouncing with the clear intent of doing it bodily harm.

  • Kaya, our rambunctious 14-year-old labrador/cattle dog, is always ready for any adventure, loves toys almost as much as treats, and blasts out of a sound sleep in a split second when the front door or refrigerator door opens.

  • Joey, an easy-going, always cheerful, 12-year-old beagle, joined us just before New Year's Day. Always eager to make new friends, he's kind to people, dogs and cats.  He's always establishing himself as Molly's boyfriend. 

  • Also joining us this month, two more senior sweethearts. 

  • We feel so lucky to have them. Each had been wonderful, loyal pets, each wound up homeless, and each was lucky enough to have an advocate who recognized he or she had a lot more living to do and reached out to us. We’ve learned an enormous amount from each of these dogs about patience, ignoring a few aches and pains, and living every day to the fullest.

    Although it seemed at times a long haul to reach the point of welcoming dogs into our midst, in fact, we moved at warp speed. Just eight months ago we had been granted our nonprofit designation (an arduous paperwork journey), but we had no house and no dogs.

    We purchased the property for The Old Mutt Hut in March, and then dedicated volunteers spent the next three months making repairs; pulling up carpet and laying vinyl flooring; painting every one of the 2,000 square feet; creating a secure and fun outdoor play area for the dogs; and tending to the 9,000 other things required to turn a house into a dog-friendly sanctuary that meets strict Colorado animal welfare laws. We received our sanctuary license in September and hired Mutt Mama Rebecca that same month; took in our first dog in October; and have been involved in fundraising events, accepting dogs into the family, fencing in the two decks, providing guidance and resources to scores of people with aging dogs, transporting dogs for vet appointments, walking and caring for the dogs, meeting with potential volunteers, beginning work on our Fond Memories Garden (for which folks can purchase pavers that honor their own beloved pets who have passed on), working to arrange discounts (or freebies) for dog food and supplies, making contact with companies we hope will become corporate donors, and tending to the endless outdoor tasks that must be addressed on the wind-swept plains. It truly does take a village to pull off this kind of rescue operation. And we are so very grateful of the many forms of support you have provided.  

  • As we start the new year, we want you to know that the dogs are content, are aware they are safe and loved, and have blended into a lovely, squabble-free family. They often choose to sleep together, and they love the volunteers who arrive to give them extra walks and love.

    We expect to be at capacity by mid-year 2019. And when that happens, we will begin making plans to put another mutt hut on our property, and after that, a third. All will follow the same model as our first: a group of dogs cared for 24-7 by a carefully chosen caregiver. We don’t know exactly when these additional mutt huts will come into being (we’re fiscally conservative and will always choose providing gold-standard care to our existing dogs over organizational growth) but we know it will happen at some point, probably sooner than most imagine is possible, just as the first mutt hut did.

    We wish you a terrific 2019. And we thank you for all you’ve done to help give wonderful old dogs the loving final years they deserve.