Old Mutt Hutt - 501(c)(3) Organization

How You Can Help The Old Mutt Hut

Sweat equity: The Old Mutt Hut has welcomed its first residents. We’ll need volunteers for several projects, such as laying astroturf and building a second fenced-in area. We’ll schedule a few work days so we can zip through the work as and efficiently as possible.

Volunteer time with the dogs: Our canine residents are cared for by a fulltime den mother (we call her Mutt Mama) who lives at the home. And we know that even though there’s nothing better than chilling with a passel of dogs, she needs breaks now and then. We’ll schedule volunteers to stay with the dogs for periods of four to six hours. Also, we seek volunteers who will visit for an hour or two so the dogs can have more people contact, get baths, have walks and visit the vet.

Art donations: We have received several donations of art from artists from around the country—including California, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado  (jewelry, canvases, hand-painted mirror, and quilts so far) and we need many more for a fundraising event. If you are an artist who would like to donate a piece of your work, or have a friend who would like to do so, let us know.

Event coordinators and volunteers: We’ll have a few events a year to raise funds. Our approach—providing a home environment and fulltime care giving—is more expensive than simply having a kennel building and feeding and exercising the dogs a couple of times a day. We will need volunteers to organize and publicize these events and staff them.

Dog food/dog products collections: We expect to have as many as 15 dogs in the first of what we plan to be several Old Mutt Huts. We’ll require lots of dog food, toys, treats and so on. We’re seeking volunteers to work with local and national vendors to provide a regular supply.

Tech-savvy volunteers:  We want to feature our canine residents on this site as well as on Facebook and other social media sites. If you’re a techie and want to help with this, let us know!

Sponsorships: If you or someone you know would like to be a one-time sponsor—providing food for our volunteers for an event, funding Old Mutt Hut T-shirts or hats, or offering to pay for baths for all of our dogs—we will be very grateful and place your name in the “Generosities” section of our web page. Most such sponsorships will cost about $100 to $300.

Donate: As with all nonprofits, we rely on the generosity of those who believe in our mission and work. We’ll gratefully accept your financial support, 100 percent tax-deductible, to ensure that as many canine senior citizens as possible can live in a safe, secure and loving environment. Also, we will be very grateful if you will make your Amazon purchases through “AmazonSmile.” It takes only seconds to set this up, and Amazon will contribute $0.05 for each dollar you spend at no additional charge to you.

Dream big: If you have an idea that you’d like to follow through with on our behalf, please let us know. Fundraising ideas big and small are welcome, as are ideas about how we can get our message out about the greatness of gray-muzzle dogs.